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Sex Therapy For Lovers


Infuse your relationship with intimacy. Filled with 10 different tools to turn your lover on, the Sex Therapy Kit has something for every couple.

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Infuse your relationship with intimacy when you use the Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit. The Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit is filled to the brim with all the accessories you need to get back in touch with your partner. From rose petals to massage lotion to a rocket-style vibrator, the Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit will have you enjoying each other in no time.The Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit comes with furry love cuffs, a satin eye mask, silk rose petals, edible body paint, 2 hot wax candles, flavored warming massage lotion, a stretchy penis ring, a mini vibrator with four interchangeable heads, and a lover’s coupon book. The Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit urges you and your partner to try new things, which will bring you closer and teach you what your partner really likes.
You can try all kinds of things with the Sex Therapy for Lovers Kit. Handcuff and blindfold your lover, and give them a long, teasing massage. Or use the included vibrator on different parts of their body, seeing what they enjoy. Use the body paints to paint each other up and lick off what you’ve drawn. You can use this fun kit in all kinds of different ways.
Takes 1 AA battery.