Denim Short shorts cut offs Daisy Duke

Denim Shorts Spring Fashion

Denim Shorts Spring Fashion
Ashton Distressed Denim Shorts

Get ready for some fun in the sun. The Ashton Distressed Denim Shorts are going to be a serious staple in your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Featuring a distressed denim fabric, high-waistline, and frayed detailing. Style with your favorite crop or for a complete look, pair with a button up cardigan and a lace bralette.

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Denim Shorts Spring Fashion

Niki Lin lives in a nice apartment complex with a club house and pool. Several times during the warm weather season the apartment management sponsors a pool side party. This is not a swimming party, but a party to meet other people, to drink, socialize and get noticed.

On this occasion, Niki decides to wear a pair of cut off jean shorts with crop top which leaves her mid-rift bare. This is known as her Daisy Mae outfit.

She was tempted to wear a pair of 4 inch spikes but thought that this might make her appear to be a little too sleazy. Instead, she chose a pair of sandals with 2 inch heels.

Competition was great. Most of the women were dressed to impress and many were absolutely beautiful. This party was heaven for a voyeur male. Beautiful shapely legs and flat tummies with belly buttons on display.

There were several guys in attendance.
Most looked like gym rats and the testosterone was almost visible in the air.  Some of the women were noticeably on the prowl.


The cat and mouse games would go on for hours.  The men would tell the woman how pretty they looked and brag about their jobs and sports accomplishments.   The women would smile and oooh and aaah on each word that the man uttered. This would go on until everyone got tired or bored with the other.

As the games continued, it seems that everyone lost track of why they were there in the first place………Too show off the pretty body……Legs and belly button…….That is the bait. All of the conversation was a distraction.

Denim Shorts Spring Fashion


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