Wife Wears Sunflower Fashion

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Wife Wears Sunflower Fashion 1
Off Shoulder Ruffle Trim Dip Hem Sunflower Lace Dress

Yes, I am aware that this year is unlike anything that any of us has experienced. Life must go on and we must have some fun along the way.

A trophy wife never lets anything get in the way of looking her absolute best. Spring is here. You should be able to get out some. Walk in the park. Dress well around home. It makes one feel better.

Trophy Wife
Sunflower Print Criss Cross Back Cami Sundress

Everyone likes the sunflower. The big yellow disc with the white petals is a sure sign of spring. Why not design a line of ladies wear just for the spring time with an abundance of sunflowers.

Wife Wears Sunflower Fashion

Wife wears Bikini
Sunflower Print Ruffle Trim High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit

Above we saw a somewhat fancy dress made of lace and including the sunflowers. This is a dress that can be worn for a little more upscale event. Such as a dinner date of an evening with the girls.

Then we find a cute little sundress. knee length……actually a little above the knee. A-line cut. Good for a casual social outing, a walk in the park or a back yard cook out.

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Wife Wears Sunflower 4
Sunflower Print Tie Side Tee Bikini Swimsuit

Then we get to the swimsuit. Spring time is beach time. This bikini has a bright yellow bottom and a top blessed with sunflowers. This makes for a rather cute little swimsuit. Trophy wife could wear this bikini around the pool.

Wife Wears Sunflower 5
Sunflower Print Crop Tee

Another favorite spring and summer outfit is shorts and a crop top. Trophy wife wears a crop top, with lots of sunflowers, a bare midriff and shorts of desired length. Cutoff denim shorts work well with this outfit. This casual wear at it’s best.

Wife Wears Sunflower 6
Sunflower Knot Backless Cami Dress

Wow!!…..Look at this cami dress. Extremely fashionable with the sunflower look. This dress is beautiful. Open back is perfect for the warm spring and summer weather. Short length is above the knee but not so short as to be uncomfortable. Perfect for any casual warm weather event. A fun time dress.


Wife Wears Sunflower Fashion



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