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 Round Neck  Print Bodycon Dress Trophy Wife Fashions
Round Neck Print Bodycon Dress

Sleek curvy women are the popular view of what a trophy wife should look like. One must already have the proper body to work with. The right dress can accentuate the best of curves. Any length of dress will do the job.

Short tight dresses obviously show more of the body. Legs are beautiful. The very short dresses absolutely have their place but today we are interested in longer skin tight dresses.

Longer form fitting dresses are more classy and can get as much attention as you may desire. A real trophy wife must have more than pretty face and a nice body. She must know how to act around other people and to be able to converse with some amount of intelligence.

Powerful men do not like to be embarrassed.

Tight Fitting Classy Dresses V Neck  Plaid Bodycon Dress Trophy Wife Fashions
V Neck Plaid Bodycon Dress

The Round Neck Print Bodycon Dress pictured in the upper left is a very good example of a classy conservative form fitting dress. This dress shows how svelte you are with out drawing undue attention to any part of the body. Beautiful and low key sexy.

Look to the left. This dress is a step up on the sexy scale while maintaining some conservative features. The neck is cut a little lower which gives a glimpse of the breasts. Just a little peek.
This dress has a belt which is brilliant. It draws the waist which accentuates the breasts and also gives added definition to the hips.

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Tight Fitting Classy Dresses Surplice  Plain Bodycon Dress Trophy Wife Fashions
Surplice Plain Bodycon Dress

Our Tight Fitting Classy Dresses are getting a little more sexy. This little dress shown to the left is class and very sexy. Are you the special woman that can wear this?

Large lapels and v-neck add strength to the shoulder and breast area. The belt is not really a belt but does make the waist appear a little tighter. This also creates the appearance of wide hips and narrow waist. The tightness and the material cause the legs to appear almost visible with out showing any skin. All of your body lines are quite visible. Enjoy yourself.

 Round Neck  Plain Bodycon Dress Trophy Wife Fashions
Round Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

One of mans favorite views is from the rear. The dress shown on the right gets top honors in this category. Very smooth lines. Low cut back adds to the beauty.

Notice the the full length zipper in the back of this dress. The zipper is like a piece of jewelry and is very noticeable.

Also you will always need help with zipping and unzipping this dress.

All in all, tight fitting classy dresses are perfect wear for wannabe trophy wives and for those who have already attained the status.



Tight Fitting Classy Dresses



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