Plunging Neck Romper

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Plunging Neck Romper 1
Plunging Neck Sequin Romper

Look like a trophy wife while wearing this. Live the good life.

This beautiful romper has a plunging neck line. You do not need to be overly endowed in order to look sexy. The slim and trim look is more comfortable and more efficiently beautiful.

Rule number one for a trophy wife is to look beautiful and you certainly will be beautiful while wearing this very short romper. Don’t worry about the shortness because it is like a skort and not a skirt.

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Rule number two for a trophy wife is be smart and you certainly will be by wearing this gorgeous romper in the proper setting. Attention is worth its weight in gold for a woman on the move.

This little outfit is sequined which makes this romper possible clubbing material. Shortness shows the full leg but it is safer than a mini skirt, which most of your fellow clubbers will be wearing, because it is closed at the hem like a pair of shorts.

Besides having fun, clubbing is for competition among the women. Dress to the “nines” and be better at it than your competitors. Garner the attention that you so desire. The winner always goes home happy.

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This beautiful romper worn by a beautiful lady must be matched to a pair of high heel shoes. Our recommendation is something light and open that enhances but does not take away from the allure of the romper.


Plunging Neck Romper



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