Perfect Club Dress Fashion

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Spaghetti Strap  Side Slit  Lace Bodycon Dress Trophy Wife Fashion
Spaghetti Strap Side Slit Lace Bodycon Dress

This dress is extremely sexy. Hem is short being mid-thigh length and there is a slit on the side which extends to upper thigh. The material is lace which provides some see through characteristics. There are many scenarios which can be created with this dress.

  • 1.. Wear a camisole under the dress to prevent skin from being viewed.
  • 2.. Wear only panties and the dress. If you choose to do so, then it is suggested that the panties be black of color.
  • 3.. If you are comfortable doing so, this dress could be worn with absolutely nothing under it….except your skin. This dress is designed so that the critical areas are opaque. Be bold.
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    Whether its party season or you’re an everyday party girl. Time to go out means time to dress up. And when you’re ready to show up at cocktail party, club or any other affair you want to show off those curves and legs. These are perfect dresses that a Trophy Wife can wear to impress her loving husband.

    Perfect Club Dress Fashion

    Spaghetti Strap  High Slit  Plain  Sleeveless Maxi Dresses Trophy Wife Fashion 2
    Spaghetti Strap High Slit Plain Sleeveless Maxi Dresses

    This dress is definitely for those ladies who are comfortable not wearing a bra. The low cut front give plenty of exposure along the sides.

    The dress is floor length with a super slit from hem to upper thigh. You must also be comfortable with your entire leg being exposed. The slit is high enough that you must carefully choose your panties. Panties must be high cut thong or be bold ad wear nothing under the dress. Either way you will be very sexy and garner a lot of attention.

    You must choose a pair of high heel shoes to complement your legs… toe sandals with 3 to 4 inch heels is recommended.

    Remember…this dress is all about you and your legs.

    Perfect Club Dress Fashion



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