Neighbors Cocktail Party

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My husband and I attended a cocktail party at a neighbor’s house. They are a nice couple which we know casually. Their home is a couple of blocks over from us. The community is very nice upper middle class. Most of our neighbors are professionals, quite out going and upwardly mobile.

Neighbors Cocktail Party Trophy Wife Fashions
Guipure Lace Overlay Eyelet Waist Tailored Jumpsuit

My husband suggested that I wear my white jumpsuit to our neighbors cocktail party. Jumpsuits were very popular back in the 60’s but and are becoming popular again. The jump suit is very comfortable and and sexy. Even when the jumpsuit is not tight fitting…and some can be very tight…it still seems to enhance all of the body lines.

My outfit was similar to the one pictured here. Click on the jumpsuit image to see a display of fashionable jumpsuits.

The pictured jumpsuit is white polyester. Regular fit with no stretch in the material. Scoop neck sleeveless which is suitable for spring and summer war. There is contrast lace with zipper and pocket.

Our host is a local business man, very successful and very involved in the local business and political scene. Our hostess is also successful. She is an interior designer. She is also well known as a “trophy wife”…..Very attractive, dresses to the nines, outgoing personality and very bright….

Click here for display of jumpsuit fashion.

Neighbors Cocktail Party Trophy wife Fashion 2
Wing Spaghetti Strap Plain Mini Skater Dress

Our hostess was dressed to impress as is her usual style. She was wearing a little black dress similar to the one pictured here.

This a short spaghetti strap flared black dress. It is sleeveless and short which is perfect for spring and summer wear. This dress exposes a lot of skin in a fashionable and sophisticated way which makes it perfect for a cocktail party.

We were not surprised that our neighbors cocktail party turned into a fashion show.

Our hostess was beautiful as would be expected of a “trophy wife”. All of the male guests, including my husband, could not keep their eyes off of her. She of course was as cool as a cucumber and did not appear to be phased by all of the admiring looks that she was getting.

All of the other wives took things in stride and did not seem to get bent out of shape when their husbands gawked. Then of course all of the wives were strutting their stuff also. Our hostess was playing the game better.

Our hostess moved through the group with grace and perfection. She was very good and taking full advantage of her flared dress. The hem bounced and teased like a dancer. She was very good at showing just a little while keeping complete control. The men loved it and the women were looking and learning.

I was getting my share of attention from the men. They seemed to like my long legs in high heels and white jumpsuit. Of course a jumpsuit is designed to make the woman’s legs the focal point. I tried to keep low key so as not to steal the thunder from out hostess. She was the trophy wife of the night.

Neighbors Cocktail Party



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