Dream Wife

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Most men dream of meeting and marrying what they think of as a trophy wife. In men’s younger years, they think in terms of beauty and not much else. It seems that as long as their buddies are impressed then all is well. At this point in life a pretty woman with a vocabulary of a few hundred words is acceptable.

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When a woman is involved, men are vain and naive. This is a weakness regardless of the man’s age.

As we gain in maturity some men gain more respect for what a trophy wife really means.

Men who truly are powerful in terms of influence and power understand that in today’s society a beautiful woman can be much more than merely a trophy wife, she can be a partner. It’s not hard to understand why men seek a trophy wife as attractiveness is a commodity to be reckoned with, but to find an attractive woman who can share your goals and may have similar values is priceless.

Dream Wife

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